GIFT GUIDE (under $50) : What to buy for your friends this Christmas 2016!

nip and fab cellulite bust fix primer flatlay

 It's my favorite time of year guys (one because it's Christmas but also because I'm a Christmas baby)! But, it's also the most expensive time of year unfortunately. Buying gifts for both family and friends adds up quick! If you're anything like me, you're not with the idea of going broke over the holidays. That's not a good look at all. Today, I'm going to share some of my favorite gifts for under $50 that you can gift to your friends this holiday! So, let's get into it! 

For the friend that's obsessed with skincare... 

NIP & FAB $11.79 - $ 19.95

So recently, Nip & Fab reached out to me to see if I wanted to test out their products. I jumped at the chance because I've been dying to test out the top two products. Being that I'm 21 (well I will be in a few weeks lol), I'm settling into my adult body and I thoroughly examining everything. A few observations I've made are that my boobs are probably going to continue to look like I'm just hitting puberty until I have kids *sigh* and my butt is hanging on to a few dimples/ cellulite *another big sigh* for dear life. Sorry if that was too real, but it's true. So that's why these are life savers! I do see an improvement for sure in both departments. The effects are super long lasting, or anything, but if you plan on wearing something revealing, these products will be your best friends. 

  The cleaning pads are also great for those days that our skin just needs a little extra help. And the same goes for the primer. This will help you camouflage any flaws you may have. So I'd definitely suggest you grab these for that friend that's always complaining about a certain problem area on their body. It might just be what they're looking for! 

For the friend with a good sense of humor.... 


Now these tee shirts are a must! Both are so fun and are definitely conversation starters. So if you have a friend that's really out going with a great sense of humor, this is gift for them! These are definitely on my Christmas/ Birthday wishlist (hint, hint to all my friends that are reading this lol).

* I'd also I like to highlight that both of these are made and sold by black owned businesses!  

Whitney Clap photo Whitneyclap2.gif

For the friend that loves to beat their face...




 We all have a friend that always manages to slay their face so well that it snatches your edges. On the same token, they're always wanting something beauty related for a gift, but they can also be a bit of a product snob. ColourPop is the solution! Every makeup girl loves a good lip color and ColourPop undeniably gives it to you for such an affordable price! They also have some amazing bundles (such as the one I have above), with a great selection to choose from. Make sure you sign up for their email list as well so you can get $5 off your order!

For the friend that's a gym rat....


s'well rose gold bottle


Now, these bottles are perfect for the friend that lives at the gym, or that plans on getting in shape in January. Not only do they keep your drink at your desired temperature for an extended period of time, but it's also so cute that it makes you want to workout just so you can use it. I have one, and it works great! It's also great for road trips!  

For the minimalist friend... 


  We all have that one friend that's super hard to shop. They're too cool for everything you've thought of buying them, and they're always ahead of the trends and super modern style wise. These phone cases are perfect for them! Everyone loves phone cases, and chances are if your friend fit that description, they have an iPhone. Even if they already have a phone case, it's always nice to have options, and trust me, they'll appreciate anything accents their aesthetic. 

For the world traveler....




 This gift sounds like a dream to me! This is a convertible travel pillow, and it's perfect for the friend that has frequent flyer miles for days. It's small enough to carry in your carry on and easily adjustable to conform to your needs. Sounds perfect to me!

For the friend that loves to entertain...


Diamond Ice Cube Tray - $14

  Do you have a friend that loves to entertain, and they love a good drink,...and they also lowkey think they're a mixologist? This is the perfect gift for them. Since they're probably always trying to impress everyone with their drink concoctions, this will help them elevate their bartending game a bit. haha 

For the friend that's always stressed out....


adult coloring book
adult coloring book

  Last but no least, the gift for the friend that's always stressed. They seem to always have a slight attitude and not enough hours in the day. Or they've just been having a rough time lately. Either way, these adult coloring books are sure to help them improve their mood. Often times, when we engage in activities we used to enjoy as children, they help brighten our mood and can act as a stress reliever. Now, that I think of it, I may need one of these! ha

 This gift is best paired with colored pencils (they just seem more sophisticated and more ideal for an adult sized hand lol) and their favorite candy. If you want to be extra nice, grab them a massage pass on Groupon! They'll for sure bump you to the top of their friends list. 

I hope this was helpful and in the comments, tell me which of these friends on the list is you! 


Much Love,

Doni Brown