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Jacket & Skirt: Antonio Guerrero | Sunglasses: Agaci | Shoes: JCPenny

Special thanks to Samaria Outlaw (photographer) & Antonio Guerrero (Stylist). They styled and shot these photos and my new banner image! Love them! 


Samaria - @samariaoutlaw


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BLOG BOOST!  February 27th 12pm  |    5622 Dyer St. #100, Dallas TX

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  So, yesterday I got eyelash extensions for the first time, and I think they look pretty bomb! Now, I will admit that lately, everyone has been saying that my natural eyelashes look great and long, but that never really comes across on camera. Since I'm trying to be fly at all times I needed to find a way to make my eyes pop on camera without them looking too dramatic. In the past I've tried those Ardell individuals (which are cool but annoying to apply all the time) and full fake lash strips (which tend to look funny on my eyes sometime), but nothing gave me the look I wanted. That led me to do some research and I decided that eyelash extensions were my best bet. 

  After looking for a great place to get them done, I came across Fabulash Studios in Mckinney, Tx and I decided to reach out to them. Kathyrn, the owner, quickly got back with me (and I must add that she was super sweet and profesh) she agreed that the classic & volume lash mix would give me the look I'm going for. 




  So, when I went in to get my lashes done, the first thing I noticed is how relaxing and cute it was. While you're getting your lashes done they place these collagen anti-wrinkle patches under your eyes, and they play piano medleys of pop music. It's quite soothing. I also wasn't sure how the procedure was going to feel, but it didn't really feel like much of anything. I could feel her separating my lashes at times, but it didn't really irritate my eyes at all. Usually, anything will make my eyes water, but not this, surprisingly. 

  After she was finished, I was surprised by how natural they felt! They aren't heavy at all, and it really feels like they aren't even there. They also aren't too dramatic, which I was slightly worried about. No worries though! Once I was done staring at them, she walked me through the daily care, which isn't hard at all. All I have to do is be gentle, refrain from wearing oil based eyeshadow, and don't expose them to too much moisture. She gave me a cute, pink spoolie to brush them as well as a card with care instructions, just to remind me of how to care for them on the daily. 

   Overall, when I went home, they still looked great. My two biggest struggles are sleeping (because I like to burry my face in my pillow), and putting in my contacts. I managed to find a solution for both, so I'm pretty happy with them. I will most definitely be going back to get fills to keep them up. 

   If you're in the Dallas area, you should definitely go try out their services and when you make your appointment, let them know I sent you! Also, special thanks to Fabulash Studios and Kathryn! You guys are awesome! 

Fabulash Studios

Salons of Volterra

6510 Virginia Pkwy

McKinney TX 75071

FabuLash Suite 203

CALL or TEXT : (214)326-0665

CELL : (469)263-7427


Monday - Saturday : 9am-8pm

Sundays : Please txt for reservation

*This post was sponsored, but all opinions are real and are in no way influenced.*

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I always get tons of questions and compliments regarding my photos, so I figured I'd help you guys out and share some of my secrets. Let me tell you, I don't wake up flawless, okay. I definitely have some tricks that I use to help me look this great. It's okay though, we all need a little help sometimes. There are a few things you'll need to figure out on your own though, like what is your best side (yes, one side of my face really does photograph better than the other and this is true for most people), what looks best on your body type, and which angles and poses are best for you. Those are more of trial and error situations. This guide is full of tips that are great for everyone, so let me spill the tea and get into it! 


Some of you guys are probably looking at your screen saying, "Really? The first secret is sunblock?" Yup, that's right! Sunblock is number one, because you can't be flawless unless you have a great foundation. I've always struggles with acne myself, but one thing I've realized is that as long and you can get a smooth surface and a pretty even skin tone, you will look 50 million times better. My skin still isn't perfect, but it looks so much better than it used to because 3 things. 1 is moisturizing and using sunblock!!! The other 2, I'll share in another post on skincare. 

Another thing to remember is, if you are a blogger or anyone that plans on being outside or taking photos outside, it's imperative that you protect you skin. Usually when I take blog photos, I'm outside for 2 hours. The sun and the climate can be really harsh on your skin and you need to really treat your skin kindly. I have spf in my makeup and my moisturizer which is Ponds



I've mentioned this in the past, but let me tell you.... Baking has changed my life. If you don't know what baking is, it's a technique that you do to set your makeup, but it's a few levels up from just brushing a finishing powder on your face after you're done applying your makeup. You should definitely search it on Youtube if you've never seen the process. The reason I'm so in love with baking my makeup is because it not only prevents your makeup from melting or moving but it photographs amazing!!! The average person probably thinks this technique is a little excessive, if you just try it once, you'll understand. 

The key to great face baking is using a loose setting powder with yellow undertones. If it's translucent, you'll end up looking like a ghost (especially if you're a person of color). I've made that mistake and it wasn't cute. I use Banana Powder by Ben Nye. That is my holy grail! 



I really wish I could go tell my younger self to stop running outside and find a fun inside game to play that doesn't involve crawling on my knees. I have plenty of bruises from running and falling in sand/dirt fields in Arizona, as well as playing pretend lion king (crawling on my knees) inside as a child. Don't judge me it was fun. The point is, my legs don't look like J. lo's, but I've found a great solution. "Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs" is another holy grail product that I always have in my cabinet. My legs look great in photos and in person, whether I'm going to the pool or just heading to an event. I also love that they have a great range of colors for plenty of skinniness!!! The makeup won't transfer on to your clothes or others, so trust me, this is better than using your foundation on your legs. 



My eyes can easily look small and sad in a photo, even if I have eyeliner and mascara on. I used to have really short lashes as well, so that didn't help. I found that fake lashes are definitely necessary if I don't want to look dead. I don't have to use them in selfies, though. I only pull these out for blog photos. Your eyes should illuminate and stand out, but you don't want your lashes to look too fake or like a doll. For me, a whole strip of lashes is too much, so I like to use individuals, this way I can control the shape and thickness. The lashes that I love to use are the Ardell natural individuls along with the Ardell lashtite glue in black



Texas weather will never let you be great, and being that I take most of my photos outside, the weather and my hair like to fight. My hair is naturally curly...Like ringlet curly. So, I'm sure you can imagine how the humidity easily can ruin my hair. I've even tried doing wavy styles and then I end up looking like a frizz monster like it was in this post.... I know, shameful...So, I've just found that wearing my hair straight is the best and most consistent option. I do have to be careful though because my hair is color treated and I don't want to ruin my natural curl pattern. That's why it's imperative that I use a heat protectant every time I straighten my hair. The one I use is by Proclaim, and it's great for any style involving heat. You don't need a lot. I literally use a dot and evenly distribute it through my hair while it's still wet. Remember that it is an oil, so it's not necessarily moisturizing, it's just adding nourishment. If you use too much, it will weigh down your hair.   


I hope that you found one of these tips helpful, and in the comments, tell me something you do to look fabulous in your photos! 

Much Love, 

Doni Brown


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 Do people with more followers really make more money? This is a question I've asked myself so many times. Sometimes I can just tell when a person with a large following doesn't have their coins up based on their what they're showcasing. You know they always say your network is your networth. I think there is truth to that statement, but I very much believe that this can be false if you don't play your cards right. Recently, an article came out saying that many big youtubers are broke. Yes, broke and that's not cute! As someone who loves to study "wifi money" (people who make money in creative ways on the web), I always thought there was so much money there. It actually is, the problem is these Youtubers aren't diversifying their sources of income. The main reason that they aren't making as much money as we thought is because YouTube has changed the way they calculate their pay. The networks these YouTubers are affiliated with are taking their cut too. Sucks right?

 The sad thing is, this is the case for a lot of internet personalities. All these huge Instagrammers Bloggers and Facebook personalities, aren't making as much money as they could be. As I mentioned before, they need to diversify their income. Most of the people who have huge followings aren't making enough money from their platforms because they aren't thinking outside the box. The amount of money being left on the table is kind of ridiculous. 

 People like Heather Sanders, Latoya Forever, Kim (Natural Fashionista) and Brianna Shanee have done it right. They've all created products and lines that cater to their audience, aka they diversified their income. Even at their level, sponsorships are great, but it's not always enough to maintain the lifestyle that they want. As I said in a previous post, I made so much more money when I made the simple choice to diversify my income. This doesn't mean that you have to start doing manicures on the side while you're a food blogger. That doesn't even relate. Diversify the way you make money for your blog. So for instance, if you're a style blogger, you could have a monthly subscription where you give style guides. You could also have an ebook as well where you teach your best tips for creating a great style blog. That combined with your sponsorships, and whatever else you have would be great for growing your social/blog income! 

 I want all of us (because me included) to have our best financial year in 2016! You can't do that though if you're not prepared. Successful people prepare for success! Since we're all tryna add commas to our bank accounts, I've created a FREE (yes, completely free!) email course for all of you to map out and execute how you will make more money from your blog within this next year! 


DAY 1:

Schedule | You will receive a planner/template that will help you plan your social, sponsors, and blog content. 

DAY 2:

Goal Planning | We will plan out specific goals and create a list of actionable steps you will take to reach each of them.

DAY 3:

Email Opt In & Brand Pitching | This day, we will plan a killer email opt in so that you can grow your email list (because this is key to your growth)! We will also create 2 brand pitches so you can practice and start pitching to brands for next years sponsored content.  

DAY 4:

Product Development | You will create an outline of what your new passive income product will be! This is how you'll start making money in your sleep! 

DAY 5:

Mindset | This is probably the most important part of the course! We will finish the course off by stopping any limiting beliefs that we may have, as well as training our minds to operate in a state of prosperity.


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