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We all love snapchat, but honestly Instagram will get you way more engagement (unless your snapchat is just super poppin)! So it's imperative that you utilize this as much as possible! Here are a few tips on how to truly make the most of your stories! 

Disclaimer: This is not a tutorial on how to use the stories feature. These are just tips for those that already know how to use it.

1. POST EVERY HOUR (or at least try)

 When it comes to IG stories, the key to getting a lot views and engagement is to post consistently throughout the day. Most people only scroll a few times and watch a few stories at once. You want to make sure you're one of those few! If you post every hour or every other hour between 9pm-7pm, this will keep you at the top of the list of stories on everyone's feed. When you only post a few times day at odd hours, your story easily gets pushed to the bottom of the list and your engagement will plummet. The goals is to keep your stories at the center of attention! 


HACK ALERT!!! There's a beautiful feature that IG stories has that snapchat doesn't. It's the ability to add photos and video from your camera roll! All you have to do is click the plus sign where you make an IG story and then instead of taking a photo or video, pull the screen down to reveal your camera roll! It'll show you everything you've loaded to it within the last 24 hours! 

This is what we've all been waiting for from snapchat , but Instagram came in clutch and gave it to us. This is literally changes the game completely! You can plan so much amazing content with this feature. You can promote things in so many ways now without having to use third party apps to do it. Take advantage of this and get creative! 


If you're not sure what to post on Instagram stories then just do exciting stuff (related to your brand) and document! Show people the process behind whatever you do. Show them the ups and downs! Those relatable moments! People want to see those moments that they don't normally get to see! Someone who does a great job of that on snapchat is YesJulz! This is one of the main reasons she's so successful on that platform. I'd highly advise that you follower her over on snap and take notes because she's a wiz at utilizing this kind of platform!

In the comments below, tell us your Instagram names so we can checkout your stories!



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 Mrs. West is hands down one of the most controversial people in the world. Beyond that she's a business women. Most would say she's talentless but somehow she's managed to build an empire from nothing. Even if you're not into her, there's definitely a few things we could all learn for the social queen herself! Here's a few things she does that could kill it with your own brand!    


One of the reasons people are so obsessed with her is because she's transparent. She shares all the moments we'd be too ashamed to even put on blast. Now, this works for her brand because it's about her life, but it still applies regardless of what you do. Share the moments that are relatable, and these may just be the moments that hurt our pride a little bit. But those are the moments you'll get the best response from! Once you share it people feel a deeper sense of connection to you and what you do. People want to know you have real moments but you're still someone/ something that they'd aspire to be like or use.


No matter how effortless she makes it seem, every move she and her family makes is strategic. Everything serves a purpose and it all fuels the next venture. This is how we have to think of our brands. Don't just implement something new because the next person does. Really evaluate how every move you make can fuel the next. It's all about a good strategy and making moves that always serve the bigger picture. Always reevaluate to make sure the smaller goals and moving you towards the big one. 


We've all at one point or another seen a picture of Kim and her family and said to ourselves "goals!". There's a reason for that. She knows that if you don't buy into her personality, you'll definitely buy into her lifestyle. We all want to be rich and famous to a certain degree in some way. So whether Kim is giving us a glimpse into her life through her show or she's selling an item or tutorial that will help us look somewhat like her, she sucks us in. The same goes for you though! If you sell the lifestyle of your brand rather than the brand it's self, you'll get amazing results! People want to see how your brand will effect their life! This is why beauty gurus on YouTube do so well. They're selling the idea that you'll look like them by using their tutorials. 


Here at Mauve Media the motto is to always elevate and Kim is the epitome of just that! Your next move should be your best move! Don't make things a competition though. It's not about being better than the next. It's about being innovative and doing something to open doors for the ones who come behind you. Once you take on that mentality, you're sure to kill it in your field and when you're killing it that means more cash flow baby!


Kimberly is definitely an expert at breaking the internet! This goes back to the elevating thing. She not only goes for elevation but she also goes for shock factor. She combines the pop culture of the web whatever makes her controversial and creates media magic. It's truly and art to make everyone genuinely care about every aspect of your life. This is how your audience should feel about your brand in the digital space! They should be obsessed! When there's a tribe of loyal followers down for whatever you push out, thats golden!

If nothing else, I hope this inspired you! Always Elevates my loves! xo #MauveMentality

My Target Style

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*This post is sponsored by Target*

  Since partnering with Target, I’ve fallen in love with their swimwear. You may have seen my swimsuit that I posted last month, and I'm still rocking it all the time!

  Although this swimsuit is everything to me, I still needed something to sport on my way to the pool or the beach. So I headed back to Target in search of a cover-up, and picked up this black crochet cover-up dress. I think it’s the perfect piece to wear this summer.

  Since taking the #NOFOMO (no fear of missing out) pledge, I wanted to have a cover-up that would still let me show off my body, but I went for a style that was a bit girlier than what I would normally aim for. I’m usually really edgy with my style, and I rarely wear anything that makes me look or feel frilly. This was very much out of my comfort zone, but I really wanted to challenge myself to try something different for the new season.

  What I love the most about this cover-up, though, is its versatility! I can wear it as a top or a dress if I wanted, and it would still look just as fabulous! Since I decided to step outside of my comfort zone, I figured that I might as well take it all the way! This became my outfit for the day. I vowed to be shameless and have #NOFOMO by being comfortable in my skin, so I wore this look while I was at SXSW. It was perfect because I ended up stopping by the pool later in the day anyway.

  Target has cover-ups and accessories that will fit any style! I’m sure you will find something that you’ll fall in love with. And, if you order online, you can get free shipping and free returns, so you don’t need to worry about whether your swimwear or accessories won’t fit or go well with your aesthetic. Target Style makes it easy to have the look you want this summer! Make sure you take the challenge and visit to grab your swimsuit. Then post them on social media using the hashtags….

#targetstyle #nofomo!

Find your style @TargetStyle

Much Love,

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*This post is sponsored by Target*

  So spring is creeping up on us and spring break is just a few weeks away! Even though I don’t live near a beach, I’m already prepping for those spring and summer nights that I plan on spending by the pool with my friends over the next few months. I’m usually that girl with a regular black bikini, because it’s simple and to the point. But this year I wanted to switch it up. I didn’t want to be the only one without a cute and colorful swimsuit. I ran over to Target and grabbed some cute swimwear and, based on how cute these bikinis look, I’m sure to have #NOFOMO (no fear of missing out)!


  This look is hands down my favorite. I did not expect to find a swimsuit that fits my aesthetic so perfectly! I’m honestly just in love. We could stop here, but I guess I’ll go on and show you the other ones.


This is the swimsuit my friends will probably try to borrow. I never wear anything this girly, so I was surprised that I loved it this much! It’s definitely the most comfortable out of all of them, and the best for my girls who are a little more flat-chested like me.


This look is the most adventurous for me. I’ve admired girls who could pull off these color- blocked swimsuits, and now I’m in the club with them! This bathing suit is super fun and I definitely will have #NOFOMO now when I see someone else rocking one.

 Now, as you can see, Target has so many great options to choose from! They definitely have something for everyone, and if you order online you can get free shipping and free returns. So no worries if the swimsuit doesn’t fit right, or if you just don’t like that style on you. Target Style makes it easy to have the look you want this summer! Make sure you take the challenge and visit to grab your swimsuit. Then post them on social media using the hashtag

#targetstyle #nofomo!

Find your style @TargetStyle


Much Love, 

Doni Brown